I am driven by the fact of my body in the world—its raw physicality as it collides with my intellect. The world is known simultaneously through ideation and the pure physical sensations of the body. The visceral body sits in equipoise to our brain. I am deeply invested in the sensation of being, here and now. The physical sensations of the world amaze, delight, and intrigue me—the way a blustering wind registers a frost and numbs my cheek, or the ice of a puddle cracks beneath my feet, allowing me to permeate one surface to respond to yet another below. This surface cracking under the impact of my foot is at the core of how I understand the physicality of the world.

In my work I am translating how my body responds to its environment, both physically and metaphysically. I create work that conveys my experience of a space and how it is that I know that place. In plastically describing my physical experience, my interpretation becomes an intermediary response between what is and what I know it to be, asserting in some way yet another place. In working on recreating the experience I have of a particular space or landscape I am in the constant process of redefining what constitutes my place in the world. I am building my place to dwell.